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Welcome to Star Family News (SFN)


To improve the condition of the community through our own news service, education programmes and entrepreneurship.

SFN is essentially a community response to the issues faced by the young people of the United Kingdom. SFN is not Government funded and the newsletters are provided for free.

A letter from the owner/creator of STAR FAMILY, STAR FAMILY NEWS, SF, SFN

After a number of years working in the youth violence sector a number of things became clear to me: 


1.The Government is simply not interested in reducing violence. 


2. The Government maintains a complex system of services saturated with undercover officers at all levels that hinder and disrupt any serious or sincere effort to secure community cohesion.


3. The Government has its own community leaders in the guise of community members who act on behalf of the government and not the community. 


4.The Government agenda in addressing violence in the community is to consistently and perpetually keep the question at “Why does youth violence occur?” And to never move beyond the question into meaningful interventions beyond enforcement.


5. Community leaders that do not abide by the Government agenda are targeted by a robust system of operations designed to discredit, isolate, alienate and disrupt support and activities for the leader in question.


This understanding led to the creation of SFN which in essence had its beginning in a mental health centre where I was held under section 2 of the mental health Act in December 2017. This was due to the fact I had expressed that I had been under surveillance which they dismissed as “paranoid delusion”. This is after I had been active in joining gangs together over the years and writing a number of critical reports about the Government.

Detained at Newham Mental Health Centre January 2018

I believe change will occur when people learn from the lessons of the past and understand the methods employed by Government to ensure communities stay in states of poverty, deprivation, segregation and violence.


I believe change will occur when enough people in the community are willing to deal with the smear campaigns, the targeting and operations of the Government.


I believe change will occur when there are enough people to carry on the struggle in the community, in the streets, in the mental health centres and in the  prisons as the case may be.


I believe change will occur.

Educate Organise Mobilise


SFN is working to achieve the following things:


  • To create a news service for the community including the streets, blocks and estates

  • To provide educational articles for hard to reach young people

  • To give an alternative narrative to the government propaganda our communities are subject to

  • To provide FREE education to the community through newsletters and impromptu street side classes

  • To undo the harmful social programming our communities are subject to

  • To highlight to the community the truth about the drug trade and Gangs in the UK

  • To induce change

  • To make reading interesting by creating content specific to the community

  • To make initial contact with all gangs in London

  • To unify the gangs in London

Jason Featherstone




  • In response to the systematic failure of the Government to effectively address the issues of the community SFN finds its existence necessary 

  • In recognition that the Government does not care about the community

  • Entire generations of young people being lost to lives of crime, poverty and imprisonment

  • Senseless killings of of young people across the country


Star Family News (SFN) is a news and education service for the hardest to reach young people in London who are either gang affiliated or non affiliated.

It is accepted that the majority of the hardest to reach young people in London who are affected by the rising levels of violence were excluded from schooling.

"Five of the capital's parlimentary constituencies – Barking, Hackney South and Shoreditch, Camberwell and Peckham, Bethnal Green and Bow and Poplar and Limehouse – are among those with the lowest literacy levels in England, according to a new study from The National Literacy Trust and Experian."

As SFN is a small start up, it is very mobile and believes in taking the service to where the young people are. 

To date all services provided by SFN have been unfunded - this includes the production, printing and distribution of 35,000 newsletters and the creation and maintenance of the website and blog. Distribution of the current newsletter (10,000 with over 4,000 distributed and about 6,000 to deliver) is on hold due to the Coronavirus.


SFN has been active in the most violent communities in London having distributed and engaged with young people in:

Tottenham, Wood Green, London Fields, Holly Street, Angel Town, Church Road, Bruce Road, Stonebridge, Isle of Dogs, Seven Kings, Peckham High St, Hill St, Willowbrook estate, Shadwell, Somerleyton Road Brixton, Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith, Barking, Bow, Lewisham, Stratford, Poplar, Forest Hill, Hounslow East, Elephant and Castle, Harlesden, Kingston, Kensington, Harrow, Wimbledon, Sutton, Bexley, Redbridge, Greenwich among others.

However SFN's electronic presence is far greater and whilst difficult to quantify we are aware that electronic versions of our articles, educational newsletters and lessons have been distributed not only in many gang affiliated areas in London and the UK but also internationally.

A strategy SFN is currently using is to ensure the right people are engaged is to create a presence at locations of recent stabbings/shootings/murders as the case may be. As SFN learns of the latest violent event in London, the area is then targeted for distribution of educational newsletters and engagement.


June 2021 


Me and my kids Mayo and Wawa and a reminder of the reason why I do the work I do

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