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Black And Majority Ethnic

Star Family News always intended to provide a news service, education, interventions and platform for the Black And Majority Ethnic (globally speaking) community. We began with that vision in mind to provide a counter balance to the inequalities the BAME community faces. What we did not realise at the time was to what extent, the inequalities, injustices, dehumanisation, tortures, abuses, degradation, racism, white supremacy and apartheid existed.

In the Criminal Justice System for example, as of March 2020

  • 27% of the prison population are from the BAME community

  • 73% of the prison population are from the white community

With regards to stop and search, people from the BAME community are 8 times more likely to be stopped than their white counterparts. This presents a startling statistic.

In a prison of 100 people if there were 27 people from the BAME community and 73 people from the white community you would need to stop and search 584 people from the BAME community but only 73 from the white community.

To illustrate this inequality, if all people who were in prison were incarcerated due to stop and search, people from the BAME community would be 800% less likely to be guilty of a crime than white people and White people would be 800% more likely to be guilty of a crime than people from the BAME community.

This fact destroys the white supremacist propaganda that "all black people are criminals".

This blatant but hidden example of an apartheid state which might sound far fetched but not when you consider people from the BAME community in apartheid states are regularly stopped to provide "papers". This is an illustration of a race disparity that can barely be expressed. Women from the BAME community facing "secret" torture, rape and humiliation processes including attempts to Euro-centralise their looks and hair. Men from the BAME community being made effeminate through drugs, programming, torture and rape processes. I have personally been told that my affinity to women from the BAME community is the reason I endure the torture of queerification, chemicals in my hair, bedbugs being placed where I live, sleep deprivation, starvation programming, no job prospects, social isolation, rape and sexual abuse at the hands of hetereophobes and a host of other abuses.

For all these reasons and much more, this is why Star Family News exists and this section of the site is here to celebrate the Black and Majority Ethnic contribution to society. I am adding various sections to the sites including sections for UK Drill music which whilst seeming counter productive given the content of much of the UK Drill scene, it is because we as a BAME community need to uplift this segment of our community together and I wanted to use this platform to begin that process.

Much Love,


P.S. To those of the white community who support our endeavours we are grateful but feel the need to come together to sort these issues out. Strange but this seems to be a story told a thousand times before.


Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'. It is often described as reminding us that 'I am what I am because of who we all are'

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