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Honorary Director


A message to the Honorary Director from the SFN  Director - Jason Featherstone - Housekeeping

Honorary Director


Due to my situation in not being able to really have an oversight of Star Family News and its actual operation in the community, beyond me handing out newsletters, organising interventions on social media and the website, I thought I would give an opportunity to women of the community.


Whilst I have not had access to most of the information regarding the actual story of Star Family News in the community, I have been aware that women from the muslim community have been very supportive of the organisation from the beginning.


Whilst not directly told, I suspect some were involved in distributing newsletters and organising educational programmes and community interventions.


I wanted to give the women and young ladies who were involved in these activities a very special opportunity. I would like to offer them the chance to be an Honorary Director of Star Family News for three months, after which, another Honorary Director will be selected.


The election process will be organised and overseen by the women of the muslim community as a way of saying thank you for everything they have done to support Star Family News that I am unaware of.


As the Director and founder of Star Family News I would like to suggest:


A 6 week intervention beginning on 31st May 2020.


1 week to discuss, plan and organise the national election

2 weeks for candidates to enter and organise a campaign for election

3 weeks for candidates to campaign and finally for the Honorary Director to be elected via votes from women in the muslim community on the 12 July 2020.


The Honorary Director, after winning the election will hold the title for three months before making way for the new Honorary Director and in that way, Star Family News will have four Honorary Directors every 12 months who will hopefully leave their mark on the organisation and further the mission of Star Family News in the community.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Honorary Director


Decide what type of management structure you would like to use for your three months (all made up from women in the muslim community) - a roundtable commission, a management team, a community conversation style, a team of team leaders that you lead, you decide.


Commission of interventions and programmes utilising Star Family News funds (local, national or international) during your tenure made up from your campaign proposals along with any that you might develop with the management team.


To support interventions I develop on the website and on social media




Must have had a previous involvement of Star Family News activities

16 - 40 years old

Good Luck and I look forward to meeting you and learning about your efforts and contributions to Star Family News!

Warning! The Star Family and Star Family News Policy applies to this process.

Jason Featherstone


Star Family News

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