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Star Family News Star Log 2 - Newsletter 4

Thoughts about the true nature of Eashoà (person commonly referred to by the false name of Jesus), the colour of many characters in the bible, debunking the Big Bang Theory, the nature of Time, religious intolerance and much more in this video newsletter.

I decided not to provide the links mentioned in Star Log 2 (Newsletter 4) those interested enough can do their own research and will discover the Truth in my words, I have however included some of the earliest known images of Eashoà.

Images taken from:

The Earliest Known Depiction of Eashoà (Coptic Museum in Cairo, Egypt)

The Good Shepherd (3rd Century A.D.)

The Catacombs of Domitilla – Christ and The Disciples

The Healing of The Paralytic (circa 235 A.D.)

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