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Star Family News - Star Log 3 - Newsletter 5

This Star Log discusses my new direction in life, thoughts on the situation, materialism, gangs and gang violence, martial arts, music, miracles, my opinions on the true origins of Christianity and much more.

Note: In this Star Log I mention not to focus on the differences but the similarities of the teachings of the Prophets, by this I mean many things. People have a tendency to gravitate towards people who are like them and separate with people who they perceive as different, when I mention this I would like to remind people what type of clothes Eashoà wore in his time and that they are more similar to those of the Abrahamic traditions than those we are accustomed to in the West. The men were bearded and the women covered their hair. When those in the west separate themselves from those who dress in this fashion because it is different, they are also separating themselves from Eashoà because he dressed like this as well. I mentioned the word magic in reference to the Prophet Moses in the Abrahamic traditions the correct term is Divine Intervention I believe.

For reference please view Star Log 2 and the images in this recent article:

I also discussed the misrepresentation of the teachings of Eashoà due to the translation of the texts from native Aramaic to Greek after Eashoà was crucified. I mentioned a single mistranslation of a single word which has far reaching implications for one of the most quoted texts in the bible and for the religion of Christianity itself. Then consider exactly how much of the true teachings are misconstrued for that reason alone.

We also need to consider the political situation and reasons those in authority wished to change the teachings deliberately. By 325AD it is estimated 2 million followers of the teachings of Eashoà were killed/crucified, I suspect because the true followers: answered only to God and not the authority of man and the teachings were based on truth which even in modern society is considered subversive by the authorities.

To conclude.

Due to the following reasons:

  1. Mistranslation of Aramaic into Greek and then English in the modern bibles

  2. Authorities and the Council of Nicea 322AD deliberate changing of the teachings and story of Eashoà to:

  • incorporate pagan traditions - followers of Eashoà at the time were burning pagan temples and statues of deities - but after the Council of Nicea 322AD the resurrection story was included and symbolised by the pagan goddess Ēostre (Easter) and pagan symbols of rabbits and eggs. According to Herodotus's Histories, the seventh century BC sage Aristeas of Proconnesus was first found dead, after which his body disappeared from a locked room. Later he found not only to have been resurrected but to have gained immortality.

  • Change the story of Eashoà the Prophet into Jesus the living God on earth/Son of God

  • remove truth they found to be "subversive"

  • remove teachings that caused a stir in the people

  • include teachings that placate the population

  • Hide the fact that Eashoà was what would be described in modern times as an active gang member who was against the state and authorities

3. The removal of many books of the bible which are kept in the Vatican

The bible, the story of Eashoà, the teachings of Eashoà and the religion of Christianity are far removed from what Eashoà actually taught in his time.

I have actually considered an alternative narrative to the resurrection story, a potential theory, it could be that Eashoà was given a type of tranquilliser on the cross that made him unconscious (might be the sponge soaked in vinegar), I have read elsewhere that when they went to embalm the body they took healing herbs with them and not embalming herbs. Might explain why he was seen after the crucifixion which is dependent on those recollections being truth and not additions to the story. Only a thought.

I would like people to consider this, regarding my comments about the cross. Imagine you were a follower of Eashoà or the Way, at the time Eashoà was alive and at this time the authorities were crucifying the followers and decorating the streets with their bodies on crucifixes. Imagine for a second you was with Eashoà one morning and were leaving the building and saw a cross outside the door. Do you reckon you or Eashoà would arrive at the conclusion that it was a symbol to honour the Way and Eashoà?

Note: The quotes I read out about Buddha,the Prophet Moses and the Prophet Muhammad were from the book "God's Generals" by Roberts Liardon.

The prayer for the precepts in Buddhism are in preparation for the 5 precepts which are commitments to abstain from: killing living beings, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying and intoxication.

Note: In reference to the Way. Acts 9:1-2 - Meanwhile, Saul was still breathing out threats of murder against the Lord’s disciples. He went to the high priest to ask for letters to the synagogues inDamascus, so that if he found any men or women belonging to the Way, he could bring them as prisoners to Jerusalem.

The Way was the name given to the followers of Eashoà as mentioned in this Newsletter, Eashoà prophesied the Prophet Muhammad in the Dead Sea scrolls in Hebrew and in the Quran, indicating that this is information that was probably removed from the bible by the Council of Nicaea 322AD or by the church. Indicating that the Way of Eashoà is in fact the Way of the Prophet Muhammad.

I have found this quote from the Persian poet Rumi:

According to the Quran, Prophet Muhammad is a mercy sent by God to the Aalameen (to all creation), including humanity overall. (Verse (21:107) – English Translation) In regards to this, Rumi states:

"The Light of Muhammad does not abandon a Zoroastrian or Jew in the world. May the shade of his good fortune shine upon everyone! He brings all of those who are led astray into the Way out of the desert." (Ibrahim Gamard (2004), Rumi and Islam, p. 163, ISBN 978-1594730023)

Indicating that the Prophet Muhammad led people by means of the Way, the same Way of Eashoà.

And thus one of the biggest coverups in modern history in the world is that at its core without the interference of man, councils, removal of texts and the agendas of governments and states, in its natural form the teachings of Eashoà and the Prophet Muhammad are the same Way.

It is the same religion although it is not a religion.

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