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A Year in Review - Star Family News 7 months on.

Its been an eventful year, this time last year I was in Newham Mental Health Centre where I was detained under section 2 of the mental health act in large part because of my belief in what Dr's called "Conspiracy Theories" involving the police execution of Mark Duggan and the Government.

*Note as per my article on Mind Control and Programming - Newham Mental Health Centre was one of the locations where I underwent the Mind Control and Programming process.

I wrote a letter of complaint about my stay in which I could not include details of the Mind Control and Programming process as it was conducted primarily whilst I was in other states of consciousness and unable to recall clearly in my life. It was also conducted in such a way that to talk about it at the time would have added to my medical file in a negative way. I suspect a major smear campaign was conducted on this premises - interestingly enough I recently asked for a copy of my medical records to go over the medical reports about my stay at this hospital as I know there are many inaccuracies contained in my records as parts of the smear operation the government conducted against me.

I received a medical report of 94 pages from my birth and after my stay at Newham Mental Health Centre but the entire episode of my stay at the centre was missing from my medical records. I suspect this is because it contains the smear campaign, which, if I had access to it now I would be able to address it. I reckon they have withheld it from my records in order to potentially release it at a later date without my having the opportunity to challenge it. Its possible that they will release the smear campaign, or that it was released already. I would ask that when the smear campaign is released that you understand the operation was conducted in order to discredit my work, social commentary, reports and newsletters which highlight the governments continued actions to operate against the community.

Without full knowledge, I suspect the smear campaign will colour me as a sexual deviant, potentially a paedophile, murderer and potentially a host of other things I have no idea about. This smear campaign was conducted and executed with my government created Mind Controlled and Programmed personalities primarily due to the reports and social commentary I have continued to produce to this day. In order to reduce any support I am able to muster, however, there are now I suspect many people who know the truth about these events and are aware that this smear campaign was conducted without my knowledge, consent or involvement even though there might be evidence to illustrate my direct involvement, they illustrate the involvement of a Mind Controlled and Programmed Persona that I have no control over.

Whilst in the hospital I decided that I would attempt to make the most out my my time there even whilst under the conditions I was subject to.

In this clip you can see an outline of a business plan of what became Star Family News

I wrote a letter of complaint about my time at Newham Mental Health Centre which I handed in to the Ward Manager and also sent a copy to PALS, I have not received a response to categoric failures in my care during my stay.

There was also a complete failure to acknowledge my high functioning autism even though I disclosed that I had scored 9 out of 10 on a test for autistic spectrum disorder. I was given no care whatsoever that addressed my needs as a person living with high functioning autism. My subsequent attempts to have my autism officially recognised have also been blocked.

Upon my release at the end of January 2018 I continued to undergo Mind Control and Programming through government operations. I was temporarily housed in a bed and breakfast through the homelessness process and I stayed there and at another location (I was subject to Mind Control and Programming at both locations).

Whilst at one of these locations I decided to create this website and the first Star Family News newsletters in May 2018. I wrote and compiled two issues and had 20,000 produced.

I then embarked on the journey to distribute the 20,000 copies of the newsletters, an effort that would take me to many of the poorest and violent boroughs in London. The first day I started to hand them out I made sure to visit the scene of Mark's execution at Ferry Lane and left copies on the spot where he was murdered. I also went to Tottenham Police station and left several copies of the Execution of Mark Duggan Newsletter on their steps:

On the frontline on the Broadwater Farm estate where Mark Duggan lived

During the following weeks and months I distributed newsletters in the following communities:

Tottenham, Wood Green, London Fields, Holly Street, Angel Town, Church Road, Bruce Road, Stonebridge, Isle of Dogs, Seven Kings, Peckham High St, Hill St, Willowbrook estate, Shadwell, Somerleyton Road Brixton, Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith, Barking, Bow, Lewisham, Stratford, Poplar, Forest Hill and Hounslow East.

Its worth noting that the type of police I have written about on this website were engrained in many aspects of street life in London with direct connections, involvement and influence with many of the most serious gangs and organised crime. During the first few months and even the last few years during which time I wrote several reports which were highly critical of the government I have constantly been at risk of potential shooting and knifing attempts, coordinated by police and government connections.

Due to my actions I have undergone types of torture and hanging on numerous occasions that I cannot recall due to them occurring whilst in altered states, however I notice injuries to my body on a fairly regular basis to this day, I am also drugged regularly.

As part of the campaign to raise awareness I decided on an impromptu "guerrilla modern art" protest at the British Library during the Windrush exhibition. I believe the newsletters and their contents deserved a place in the Library as an account of how much in Britain was achieved.

At the Windrush exhibition in the British Library June 2018

By June 2018 I received my accommodation where I am now, the pictures below were after I had moved in, I was able to source utilities, a bed and room dividers subsequently.

By September 2018 the first Star Log was produced and I had made the decision to use film as a method of recording the subsequent Newsletters 3 to 5

Throughout this period I noticed times where I had established things I wished to achieve which were subsequently kinda erased from my mind and I have had to continually fight to remember things and I'm fairly certain its due to programming. Due to this I didn't deliver the final 9,000 to 10,000 Newsletters that I produced even in to December 2018.

I then decided to do a "15 Days of Christmas" project - the details of which can be found on my Facebook page

During the subsequent 15 days from the 10th December 2018 to Christmas Eve I distributed the final 9,000 to 10,000 newsletters to the 10 poorest and 5 of the most violent London boroughs.

On the final day of handing out the newsletters - Christmas Eve I was stopped by police outside Westminster and name checked, it was clear from my conversation that the officer knew who I was before the stop.

And finally! Delivering the last newsletter of the 20,000 copies that were produced!

Due to the nature of the Mind Control and Programming, Im aware that I cannot recall much of what has happened in the year, it is much more than I have been able to list in this article. There has been immense support not only nationally but internationally for Star Family News. Many community spirited people in London and the UK got involved with the distribution of newsletters and community programmes but I have not had access to these individuals to be able to thank them.

I know I know very little of the events of 2018 and even the years previously, I expect my programming has been designed to attempt to maintain that reality for as long as possible. I wanted to take this moment to thank everyone who supported and suffered for something they believed in. Look forward to meeting you in the life I can remember.

Moving forward in 2019

I will continue to do Star Logs and Newsletters. I will be working on a small book which I will strive to complete before the end of 2019. The book will contain information I reckon every child should know. I want to compile a curriculum of which the book will form a part and build an education resource for the people.

Topics the book will include:

The true nature of government and their function with the people


The Way






The Big Bang Theory

The Nature of Time

I might do a final Star Log for 2018.

Much Love and Thank you so much to everyone that supported the movement!

Jason Featherstone

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