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First Article for 2019

Sun Tzu - Supreme Excellence

I will be re-editing the most recent newsletter for a few reasons, I had a little time to think about the recent few years, whilst I am missing a lot of information I realise that fighting has played a major part in the worst of the events. Whilst the intervention could be a good thing if I was organising it, I need to realise that there will be those out there that could use a modified version of the intervention for ulterior reasons. This is a primary reason I decided against it. A far more healthier version would be to compete in sports.

When I taught in the youth sector the quote from Sun Tzu was one of the most memorable quotes I can remember. In 2019, with the levels of violence that exist, breaking an enemy's resistance without fighting is a much more sensible and healthy option.

Keep in mind that although the words used are "breaking an enemy's resistance" this does not necessarily mean breaking an enemy. There are many ways in which this could be achieved:

The use of dialogue to arrive at a mutual understanding

Resolving outstanding conflicts

Building relationships and friendships

Divine Intervention

These are only a few methods that can be used to break an enemy's resistance and even reduce the number of enemies you might have without a single physical action, let alone fighting. Wishing everyone a peaceful 2019 and look forward to making lots of friends.

Over the recent few months I've been able to figure out that whilst in alter personalities "I" had been consulted around business arrangements without my conscious knowledge. Its possible this started to occur before people realised I underwent the things I did to have my psyche split into different personalities.

I believe this led to serious issues as I have no idea what the arrangements were and I gather that from the responses I have heard outside I did not deliver results that my alter personalities potentially agreed to. All I can say is to everyone involved, do not make any agreements with any of my alter personalities that require specific action from me, because I have no idea what anything is about and am genuinely not in a position to consciously deliver those results. Thus if anyone subsequently attempts to make business deals with my alters that require action from me to deliver and it doesn't work out, I told you and the liability is at those involved and I accept no responsibility or liability because I believe by now, people genuinely understand that I do not know.

I also believe my condition is much more manufactured and maintained than I previously believed, I believe there was intentional effort to split different aspects of my character into different personalities and to also maintain the separation of memorable events i.e. to ensure I do not remember and that the government created personalities that I guess are more in line with government thinking and agenda become the primary personalities.


For more information see this article

From what I have been able to deduce, in the mind control and programming efforts, people have worked to utilise and enhance my skills and character in my alter personalities, whilst at the same time diminish my skills and abilities in my life, again, in an effort to make my alter personalities the primary personalities.

Whilst in Newham Mental Health Centre, a psychologist who I suspected of having a direct involvement/knowledge of this process asked me a question that stood out, she asked me

"Do you believe people can steal your soul?"

I believe this was a recognition of what people were attempting to do. They attempted (I'm not certain how successful they were) to take the aspects of my personality and character that they liked and enhance them and worked to keep my primary personality in a state of autism, introversion, social exclusion and essentially non-involvement in everything that goes on outside unless I took the homosexual route which I refused. This led to them creating a personality that homosexuals could take advantage of. This is what I now believe has been occurring when I slip out of consciousness on a daily basis. I have heard numerous references outside and by various means that indicate massive failures in their attempts to manufacture a personality that works to their agenda, in reference to these failures a phrase stands out

"We created it, maybe it was wrong".

They have consistently worked to remove my social and political activism from my personality and have put such effort in attempting to make me gay it is unreal. I don't know much of the story, as I always say, people out there know much more than me. All I know is whilst the manufactured personalities might display some of my qualities, some of which I believe were possibly enhanced and others created, they were unable to steal my soul.

My response to the lady that asked me that question would be: I don't believe it is possible to steal a person's soul, if you believe in souls then you might believe that all souls are connected and arrive from that which is Incomprehensible and are neither tangible or in a state that can be stolen.

My return question would be "Why would you attempt to steal a soul when you have your own to develop, would you attempt to steal light, the intangible or develop yours so it shines?"

I would also remind her that in spiritual workings of all the gravest of infractions, interfering with free will or working to manipulate the soul of another carries the most serious of penalties in the soul realm and those involved in such workings usually pay a price far greater than they can bear.

11/2/19 Evening

Apparently it appears my other personality works in the oldest profession. I believe this is due to my social and political activism over the years. Somehow I believe it developed into some sort of community thing. Not certain. It might be, some things, might be a little wrong. A little.

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