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Star Log 7

This Star Log gives an outline of the upcoming Star Family News Newsletter, insight into the mind control and Hidden Truths in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and more information about my experiences of being a victim of mind control.

Spreadsheet I am using to develop the Hidden Truths in the Marvel Cinematic (Mind Control) Universe including the Illuminati Agenda to Destroy Black Culture and the White Supremacist Ideology of the "White Wolf".

See if you can find the elements of the Mind Control and Programming process in the Marvel Cinematic Universe using the spreadsheet. Will hopefully have the first part of the series out by the end of the month/beginning of April.

Robin Cook Born 26th February 1946 - Assassinated 6th August 2006

Tony Blair privately admitted that Saddam Hussein could not attack British or United States troops with chemical or biological weapons two weeks before Britain went to war against Iraq, Robin Cook alleges today.

The claim by the former foreign secretary that the Prime Minister misled Parliament and committed Britain to an illegal war is made in his memoirs, which he sold to The Sunday Times for a reputed £400,000.

Mr Cook recalls how he was given an intelligence briefing on Iraq by John Scarlett, the chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, who has since given evidence to the Hutton Inquiry. Mr Cook said: "The presentation was impressive in its integrity and shorn of the political slant with which No 10 encumbers any intelligence assessment.

"My conclusion at the end of an hour is that Saddam probably does not have weapons of mass destruction in the sense of weapons that could be used against large-scale civilian targets."

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