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Preview of The Hidden Truth in Iron Man - Part 1 Induction into Mind Control

I wanted to do a preview of the The Hidden Truth in Iron Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as part of a series I will be focussing on this year.

It is worth noting that every scene can and does in fact illustrate numerous ideologies and reasons for processing and as such a single scene can depict numerous hidden messages

The Truth of Tony Stark’s Kidnap, the ARC reactor and the Iron Man suit

The movie presents the idea that Stark is ambushed, kidnapped and held hostage during which time he develops the ARC reactor and Iron Man suit to escape.

The hidden truth is that the entire base where Stark is processed and forced to work on the ARC reactor and Gulmira are actually Illuminati bases. The kidnappers work for the Illuminati.

This is illustrated by Abu Bakaar’s “Wings up” and hand gesture with his right hand when he meets Stark.

Rhodes also describes Gulmira as their “Weapons depot” when the military were not cleared to enter that area because the terrorists were using human shields.

This highlights a serious reality in the Middle East, in areas where western forces are not permitted to enter and there are conflicts involving "muslims" killing civilians and or other muslims, they are conducting genocide on behalf of the illuminati. This is displayed by Abu Bakaar's clearing of the village Gulmira where his troops are killing civilians.

The kidnap, torture and processing of Stark is a multilayered operation:

We are told its a plan Obadiah has hatched to kill Tony Stark. In reality it is to get Stark to develop the ARC reactor and Iron Man suit (by suggestion under Mind Control) and provide the backdrop for a “revenge” mission which will be used for weapons testing of the Iron Man suit. Which will then be used to develop War Machine for the military.

Its also an Illuminati plot to get Stark to kill Obadiah for further processing. Killing a mentor/parent figure is part of the Mind Control process. Potts is Mind Controlled (not displayed) to hack Obadiah’s computer where she discovers a recording clearly naming Obadiah as the person who organised the “attempted assassination” of Stark. I believe this data is planted specifically so that Potts can discover it.

Also when Obadiah is killed in his new but clearly outdated suit, he falls into the old ARC reactor and both are destroyed symbolising the removal of the old and entrance of the new.

The song playing in the opening scene is "Back in Black" by AC/DC

Back in black

I hit the sack I've been too long I'm glad to be back Yes, I'm let loose From the noose That's kept me hanging about I've been looking at the sky 'Cause it's gettin' me high Forget the hearse 'cause I never die I got nine lives Cat's eyes Abusin' every one of them and running wild

'Cause I'm back Yes, I'm back Well, I'm back Yes, I'm back Well, I'm back, back Well, I'm back in black Yes, I'm back in black

Back in the back Of a Cadillac Number one with a bullet, I'm a power pack Yes, I'm in a bang With a gang They've got to catch me if they want me to hang 'Cause I'm back on the track And I'm beatin' the flack Nobody's gonna get me on another rap So look at me now I'm just makin' my play Don't try to push your luck, just get out of my way

'Cause I'm back Yes, I'm back Well, I'm back Yes, I'm back Well, I'm back, back Well, I'm back in black Yes, I'm back in black

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