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Star Log 22 - The White Wolf Ideology in Black Panther, Rampage and Infinity Wars, continued

Stealth Bomber in Rampage from Whiteman Air Force Base

WM (White Man) Silent Fury - Spirit of Illinois - Silent Fury of the White Man - The White Wolf White Supremacist Ideology. No overt racism and aggression of the old White Supremacist ideology and the use of people of colour as White Wolves to fight and kill each other.

Video of - The Philadelphia Police Bombing of the Move Movement - Killing 5 children

Okoye (whilst not directly displayed in the movies was captured and processed - tortured and underwent the mind control process in order to be used as a mole in Wakanda)

Character Crossover - Okoye - Nebula - In this instance the similar hairstyles and in the scene where Nebula is being tortured by Thanos a sound which is similar to the Wakanda jingle is played to indicate that a Wakandan in this case Okoye is being processed.

Nebula (Okoye) being tortured and forced to relay the military capabilities of Wakanda

Okoye, Proxima and Black Widow fight. Okoye at the beginning of the fight nods to Proxima, who acknowledging that Okoye is not a threat to her, turns her back on the armed Okoye. Okoye then, instead of stabbing Proxima whilst Proxima is defenceless, runs around her and Black Widow and the then performs several non fatal thrusts. Indicating Okoye's processing and function as an mole of Wakanda who is working with the invading force.

Introduction to the term "White Wolf" in the Black Panther after credits scene - The children are referring to Bucky - The Winter Soldier

The White Wolf - missing an arm - a character crossover reference to the racist Klaue (If you have viewed the Winter Soldier's story you will see he is under the influence of Mind Control - Captain America himself is actually also a victim of mind control which I will talk about in a later article. Under the influence of mind control, Captain America organises for Bucky to be looked after by the Wakandans, essentially securing the acceptance of a mind controlled "white wolf" soldier into Wakanda.

Klaue missing an arm in Black Panther

Terminology crossover in Rampage of the White Wolf

The colour white next to the wolf in Rampage

The colour white is then used to symbolise and identify characters under the influence of the White Wolf White supremacist ideology - George in Rampage - There are also character crossover scenes in Rampage that indicate at times George's character is used to illustrate sections of Huey Newton's life - for example when George is in a cage - Representing Huey's time in prison.

Dr Okoye - Character crossover to General Okoye in Black Panther asking George if he is ok after killing the black grizzly in Rampage

"George and the Wolf are working together?" - quote from Rampage

The colour white used to symbolise and identify characters under the influence of the White Wolf - White supremacist ideology - Dr Okoye after processing - I will explain Dr Okoye and Kate Caldwell's processing in another article

The final battle in Rampage - Ralph - The White Wolf, George, Lizzie (Crocodile), Kate Caldwell and Dr Okoye

George's character in Rampage is used a crossover reference to a number of people - Kate Caldwell at times a character crossover for Kathleen Neal Cleaver of the Black Panther Party at other times Huey Newton, Dr Okoye and General Okoye among others.

Lizzie the crocodile is used as a crossover to reference Vibranium and the unchecked culture of people of colour in the White Supremacist Ideology - Also Killmonger and Huey Newton.

Ralph - The White Wolf is used to represent the old White Supremacist Ideology of overt racism and aggression and potentially is being used as a character crossover not only of Klaue who was killed by Killmonger but also of Officer Frey who was killed by Huey Newton. Illustrating that the old White Supremacist ideology of overt racism and aggression will be defeated by the Huey Newton's of the world. This is further illustrated with the decapitation of the White Wolf by Lizzie the Crocodile.

Kate Caldwell - Character crossover of General Okoye and Kathleen Neal Cleaver of the Black Panther Party among others

Dr Okoye - Character crossovers for General Okoye, Eldridge Cleaver of the Black Panther Party among others.

Essentially a battle with an old white supremacist who the new White Wolf Ideology do not mind killing off (Klaue killed by CIA asset Killmonger) and four people of colour.

Essentially a battle where people of colour kill each other off - the essence of the White Supremacist Ideology of the White Wolf and the only way white supremacists will be able to destroy the culture of people of colour and the people of colour themselves.

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