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Mind Control - Rape as a Weapon of War, Cults and Deprogramming - Star Log 23

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Families and communities are victims, as well as individuals

Rape is deployed as a weapon of war in countries throughout the world, from Bosnia to Sudan, Peru to Tibet.

1 Rape includes lack of consent to sex as well as provision of sex to avoid harm and obtain basic necessities. The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court recognises that rape and other forms of sexual violence by combatants in the conduct of armed conflict are war crimes and can constitute genocide.

2 Sexual violence such as forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and rape as a precursor to murder constitute torture under international law and are breaches of the Geneva Convention.

3 Rape, as with all terror warfare, is not exclusively an attack on the body—it is an attack on the “body politic.” Its goal is not to maim or kill one person but to control an entire sociopolitical process by crippling it. It is an attack directed equally against personal identity and cultural integrity.

4 Rape has long been perpetrated during war. Since the second world war, however, rape has assumed strategic importance, and is now a deliberate military strategy.

5 Women are now not only raped but physically scarred and mutilated.

6 In recent conflicts, rape has been used as a reward for victory in battle.

I have written extensively on the topic of mind control, please see this article for further information


An important part of the process to undo mind control is to dismantle the phobias installed by the group. The phobias are usually installed to control and manipulate the members and obviously they need to be undone to allow the member the freedom to make their own decisions again.

It's often very difficult for group members to go to a professional for help to undo mind control because of the phobias installed by the group!

The system of beliefs and the pseudo-identity also have to be dismantled. This is a process that takes time and is necessary in order to allow the person's true identity to re-establish itself. Typically it's a very emotional time and can take a lot of time and energy.

Finally, the last part of therapy is to help the person to reintegrate himself or herself into society once again.

After reading up on this, I realise part of my programming was to install phobias about women so that those involved in mind control could present me falsely as a homosexual and exert control of my life and remove freedom.

Some tasks that can be performed such as creating a schedule for yourself and keeping to it will help in reducing mind control such as scheduled work outs to start creating a resilience to programming.


I hold these truths to be self evident:

Every person has a right to decide their sexuality

Drugging, using trance work, programming, torture or mind control to create personalities to have sex with or abuse isn't culture. it is rape, torture and abuse and depending on the context it is also a war crime and a breach of the Geneva Convention.

You have a right to defend yourself and your body and declare your sexuality.

I am straight.

I'm here, I'm not queer, get used to it.

Say it loud, I'm straight and I'm proud.

I do not consent to mind controlled personalities that were created through torture to be abused or used homosexually in any manner. I am proud to be straight.

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