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Spiderman Homecoming continues the racism in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Night Monkey is a white

Over the recent weeks I have highlighted many hidden truths in the Marvel movies, I haven't discussed all, there are still many hidden truths to be uncovered and many who were connected to the events will be able to see more than I will be able to relay.

One of the more overt messages in the most recent movie is the introduction of the "Night Monkey" a racist caricature of Black Panther and a reference to one of the most racist dolls ever created.

The Night Monkey and The Black Panther

The golliwog doll

I have given the readers of Star Family News some of the methods Marvel use to hide the truth in plain sight, hopefully you will be able to identify and share your insights with others.

Beyond the intended racism I feel as though more people of all colours are identifying with the movement and somewhere, perhaps in a few places, there are people of all colours identifying and feeling the struggle of the people (all people) against oppression, state organised murder, racism, the violence of enforced poverty and the miseducation of the people.

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