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Star Log 28 What happened to Neo and Truman? Dr Howard Mierzwiak - Teddy Bears and Mind Control in t

Truman successfully leaving the Truman show

Dr Howard Mierzwiak processing Truman/Joel - The mind control Dr in the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the Teddy Bear character crossover.

Sleepless in Seattle - Teddybear called Howard indicating Tom Hanks and son are under influence of mind control

Man on Fire Peta with a teddy bear who she names Creasy Bear indicating both she and Creasy are under the influence of mind control - also indicates the network behind child abuse and kidnappings

Man on Fire - movie about a girl who is kidnapped by the mind control network

Us - Gabe Wilson/M'Baku wearing a Howard top, indicating influence of Mind Control, also that mind control was behind the Us killings of the Black Panther members

Joe Pantoliano as Cypher in Matrix requesting a memory wipe and to be a person of importance with lots of money and fame in exchange for betraying Neo, Morpheus Trinity, Tank, Apocrypha, Mouse, Switch etc

Joe Pantoliano in Memento as "Teddy" character crossover reference to Mind Control as person Guy Pearce/Leonard/Neo has identified as being responsible for raping and murdering his wife.

Guy Pearce/Leonard/Neo seeing his murdered wife who had been raped

Neo with Trinity as she dies with symbolic reference to gang rape

Trinity/Natalie in Memento speaking to Leonard/Neo testing to see whether Neo can remember her.

Neo and Trinity - notice Trinity's injuries and also that Neo is wearing a blindfold indicating that this scene is possible a memory held in his mind controlled state and not his conscious memory.

Character crossover reference Trinity and Leonard/Neo's injuries indicating Neo was also gang raped

Neo at the end of the Matrix Revolutions - scene depicting a possible gang rape scene but also a crucifixion - note the use of the term "It is done" a reference to the crucifixion of Eashoà.

Neo after gang rape and processing appearing as John Wick after viewing material of his wife who died.

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