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The Wizard of Oz - The Hidden Mind Control Philosophy of the OTO - Star Log 28 Part 2

If I could offer advice to people in the entertainment industry I would urge you consider carefully, sometimes making it, the success, fame and everything that they make it appear to be isn't what it seems.

The Wizard of Oz 1939 - Nearly 40 years prior the OTO - Ordo Templi Orientis ('Order of the Temple of the East' or 'Order of Oriental Templars') was established. There is a lot of information already out there about the OTO so I won't really write about that, what I will focus on is an aspect of the philosophy that is applied that is displayed for all to see.

The Wizard of Oz is a movie about the mind control process and methods used by the OTO to achieve their aims among other things, I will focus on that aspect of the movie.

The movie starts with Dorothy running away from Miss Gulch for doing something terrible to TOTO - reference to OTO - Ordo Templi Orientis indicating that this is an OTO movie

Miss Gulch has hurt Toto in some way - Toto is actually a character reference of Dorothy - Dorothy is the one who has been hurt by Miss Gulch.

Character crossover reference of Toto and Dorothy

Dorothy attempting to get help from people she knows - unbeknownst to her the people she is going to get help from are already inducted into the OTO philosophy

A part of the mind control process is the sense of helplessness and that there is no support out there to help a victim

Victims are dissuaded from complaining and are repeatedly told key messages such as -

You're imagining things

Its in your mind

You're crazy

You're making things up

Dorothy going to others for help but again, meeting the same ideology

The introduction of Miss Gulch - a person involved in the abuse of Dorothy/Toto with a order to remove Toto/Dorothy after threatening to destroy Toto

Another key theme in OTO mind control is the victim requesting punishment in order to save another or to stop an event taking place

The separation of loved ones is a traumatic event designed to further victim's journey into mind control with trauma being a critical tool to create a split in personality, multiple identities, mind controlled personas

Toto/Dorothy escapes

Dorothy deciding that she needs to run away

Dorothy running away

Dorothy then finds Professor Marvel who I believe is a reference to Aleister Crowley

Professor Marvel then amazes Dorothy with his insight into her life, thoughts, feelings, establishing a rapport and trust

As part of the mind control process and network Professor Marvel has access to all the information about Dorothy as such his insight are less mystical and more a retelling of information that he has access to and a summary of how many adolescents feel. This is also a part of a script used to capture young people who are disaffected with the world.

Dorothy amazed at the accuracy of Professor Marvel

It is indicated that Professor Marvel is already a part of the sexual abuse of Dorothy in her mind controlled state that she is unaware of. This is illustrated by Toto/Dorothy biting a sausage - a phallic reference

Professor Marvel placing the fork by his crotch indicating it is his phallus that Toto is eating

Professor Marvel then makes the character crossover reference from Toto to Dorothy

Professor Marvel then enters Dorothy into a mind controlled state where she is going to be processed

Character crossover reference of Professor Marvel and Aleister Crowley

An indication that the OTO processes cannot be completed without spiritual energy but also cannot be completed without access to the family or people around the mind control victim. In this case Dorothy's family

Professor Marvel then talks about the pain and suffering of Dorothy's family in an attempt to get Dorothy to return home, Dorothy feeling sympathy returns to the place she ran away from.

Professor Marvel then making reference to a horse and it phallus. In the mind controlled world horses are men with large "anatomy" - big penises who are used in the mind control, trauma and torture process

The crossover reference of Twister and Tornado referring to the gang rape of Dorothy by men deemed horses

A representation of the horse phallus

Dorothy then enters the mind controlled state

She see Miss Gulch

In her mind controlled state she sees Miss Gulch dressed as a witch in OTO regalia

Dorothy then "wakes up" in Oz. A mind controlled world which appears wonderful and magical, almost like the world of superstars and celebrities but all is not what it appears to be

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