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The Dragon Warrior Path in Kung Fu Panda is also the Rabbit Pathway

This is a very brief article but essentially the Dragon Warrior Pathway outlined in Kung Fu Panda is actually a Rabbit Pathway.

It indicates what the system feels about the people who go through the process. Essentially, they are "nothing", this is the description used by those who view their reflection in the Dragon Scroll. It is used to entice the masses and those who would like to achieve the celebrity or attainment of a type of rank or recognition through a path of processing and enslavement. Ultimately there can be only one Dragon Warrior and by definition everyone else must fail. That is a slavery system.

I have found in my travels and life experiences that people tend to search for things, mastery, experiences, contact with other worldly beings and attainment of titles etc. What I have discovered is we already actually have the ability and have achieved much of what we desire to achieve, what we search for externally is actually already within our reach internally. I would encourage the thought and belief that those that dedicate themselves to their pursuits in whatever discipline whether martial arts or calligraphy, writing, whatever the case might be, that they too are already Dragon Warriors in their own right. Its only up to them to accept this truth as fact and believe it.

Much Love.

The Dragon Warrior Pathway illusion - in the credits of Kung Fu Panda.

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