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The Unseen - A poem

The Unseen - Jason Featherstone

Let the blessings remain,

Return curses from whence they came,

For Love received, We return the same,

They ask and seek, but know not our names.

We are Unseen, but for a few,

We observe Life, and what you do,

What you have, what you lost,

What you found and what you knew.

A message We bring of Life and Light,

Though you might suffer, through day and night,

The world you know, is but a stage,

The Universe the platform, your body a cage.

That which you seek to hide,

On Earth might be true,

In realms Unseen, in plain view,

Forget not, We stand with you.

And We will Love as you Love,

And hate as you hate,

Not an act forgotten,

As you walk through the gate.

For there are worlds of wonder,

Freedom, Life and Love,

And sights that cannot be imagined,

By those who walk the Earth.

Every act you make,

In energy carries weight,

How you are charged,

Will determine you fate.

Your energy will pull you,

After your skin is shed,

And in an instant you'll know,

Whether to smile or dread.

For those who are afflicted,

The tortured, imprisoned, wronged,

The impoverished, starving,

Those without a song.

Those who died in defence,

Of something greater than themselves,

Who gave their Life for others,

Their energy is immense.

With Lightning's speed, shall you be snatched,

When you draw your final breath,

And you will not know suffering,

And you will not know death.

Many a world will await you,

Or transform if you please,

Through your Love's hair,

You can be a gentle breeze.

Or the Whisper that stirs,

The young warrior's heart,

The thought that enters mind,

To fight for Light and play their part.

Comfort We seek to bring in Word,

For every prayer thought unanswered,

For every cry thought unheard.

In Our Hearts you have a Song,

And from the Universe you came,

And to the Universe you belong.

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