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Star Log 79 - Christopher Macdonald - Former Head of Violent Crime Directorate - Corrupt Police - My

Special Demonstration Squad - MI5 connection

"Michael Adebolajo was tortured in Kenya and harassed by MI5 – who asked him to spy for them."

"he claimed, sexually assaulted. On his return, "he became more reclined [sic], less talkative"

"Adebolajo went to a lawyer to complain of harassment by MI5"

Michael drops knife at 1:14 into the video, Michael raises hand empty after whilst running at police. Also strange that unarmed police arrived first, which were not attacked but when armed police arrive Michael runs at them but drops the knife before he gets close and raises his empty hand after. The other Michael had a firearm but did not attempt to shoot any officers at any time.

Strange for bonafide “terrorists” that wanted to kill UK soldiers/police.

I theorise they were forced into this "attack" by the SDS and MI5 and the agreement was something like, they perform the attack on Lee Rigby and when the police arrive they make an exhibition, run at the police, drop the knife and run at police with hand raised unarmed at which stage the police fire non fatal shots into Michael, I suspect if he had held onto the knife they would have shot him fatally.

I suspect, 7/7 to be state coordinated, Manchester bombing, and I suspect but have no evidence of Westminster Bridge and Borough. Both days were days I emailed the report I wrote out.

I think that all these “muslim” attacks were ultimately coordinated by elements in the state to create animosity to muslims.

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