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My Religion of The Way

I wanted to record this as many might have the wrong idea of my religion which I refer to as The Way.

As a child I was actually raised in Hinduism through my Nan and in Seventh Day Adventism.


I attended countless poojas (Hindu prayers) and performed many rituals in Hinduism as a child as my Grandparents on my mother's side were Hindu and my Grandfather was a non practicing Sikh as well whose surname was Singh, a Sikh name. In fact, the first name on my birth certificate was Jason Singh before it was changed to Jason Featherstone.

Their funerals as with many on my mothers side consisted of significant Hindu prayers and rituals which for one death can last for over a year. For my Nan's funeral I performed the ritual of reserved for the eldest son in the family but as I was the eldest male grandchild I was able to do.

This consisted of refraining from attending any type of celebration including birthdays and parties. I also could only eat what a child would eat, non salted foods, no butter, oils or seasoned food as Hindus believe that once a person has died, their Spirit begins the process of reincarnation. As such I became the vessel for my Grandmother's digestion whilst she was in this process of transitioning to a new body. I can't remember the exact amount of time but it was for many months and the abstaining from celebrations lasted for a year. I also had to shave my head and leave a tuft of hair near my crown as an indication of mourning.

My Hindu name is Sai

Seventh Day Adventism

On my fathers side they were Seventh Day Adventists and I also attended a Seventh Day Adventist school where prayer was observed at the beginning and end of every class with morning worship in junior school and hymns, sermons, bible readings and prayer in every assembly. My grandfather on my father's side was an Elder at the church and over the years we attended numerous sermons and church events.

My Christian name is Jason Philip Eashoà M'sheeka Featherstone


On my biological father's side, the true surname is actually Muhammad from the Muhammad family in Trinidad. I didn't start to learn about Islam until 2016 when I took my Shahada. I recently completed my first 80 day fast which during the last 10 days I was able to listen to the Torah, Bible and Qur'an.

My Muslim name is Salahuddin Isa Jalal Ahmad Muhammad


In 2015 I travelled to Nepal for a one month stay in a Buddhist monastery where I took refuge in Buddhism. I meditate regulalry and working to alleviate the suffering of sentient beings is a significant part of my work in Star Family News, especially the campaign against the rape, torture and trafficking of children and slavery.

In 2021 I completed the Jeiba ritual in honour of the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha and in order to release bad thoughts, bad actions and to take on good thoughts and actions.

My Buddhist name is Thubten Sem Sangye Po


In 2020 I started to attend the Gurdwara where I strived to learn more about my Sikh heritage, during one of my visits I was advised by the Granthi (the reader of the Guru Granth Sahib - the Sikh holy book) that I was born a Sikh and did not have to perform any ritual to become a Sikh. I observe the three tenets of Sikhism: Work hard, remember God and share food and I observe the 5 k' in modern life.

My Sikh name is Singh


In 2016 I started to observe the West African tradition of Vodoun and completed a series of rituals over the years including facial scarification which I have been able to trace back to the tribes of Benin.

My African name is Olatunde


In 2021 I began my Tā Moko. Throughout the years as part of the kracking challenges I became aware that I had actually been observing a number of aspects of Maori culture like the Haka before I became aware of it, I have found this to be a common experience in my religion. For example, I positioned my bed in the direction of the Kaaba before I realised that many in the Middle East observe this ritual as part of their culture after speaking to my cousin who is a muslim.

My Maori name is Tāne


I have listened to the Torah and have certified in the Jewish martial arts of Commando Krav Maga and KAPAP. I am currently striving to learn more and have texts from the Torah written on my walls and frequently listen to Hebrew prayers. I would like to complete the submersion ritual in time. I spend many hours contemplating the Torah and its interpretations and its implications and applications to modern life. I am significantly interested in the prophecies of Judaism.

My Hebrew name in Moshe.

Spiritual Practices

There are a number of Spiritual Practices that I have not been taught the names of as yet that I also observe but the essence is to live well, fight for the betterment of the people, the defenceless, children and those at risk of slavery, rape, torture and trafficking. I do not believe in living off "dirty" money i.e. money that is earned through the suffering of another and there are a number of sexual practices that I do not partake in. I am straight man who only likes women.

The Martial Way

The martial arts form a significant part of my spiritual practice and I use the arts as a Spiritual exertion to honour God, the Goddess, to commune with my ancestors and

Star Family and to emit an energy that seeks to improve the condition of the world.

The Religion of The Way

I guess in summary I wanted to talk you through my religious and spiritual background to give you a better idea of who I am and what my belief system is about.

Star Log 484 details the philosophy of my Religion of The Way and hope it gives an insight into my true Religion.

Much Love!


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