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Star Log 190 Public Health Approach to Hetrophobia Reduction

Essentially - the pattern appears to be:

1. I'm afflicted with Hetrophobia, drugged and programmed

2. I have a reaction to the process which causes erratic behaviour

3. I am punished for the erratic behaviour exhibited

During the process I am gathering harm takes place. What would be interesting would be a scientific evaluation to examine the link between me being afflicted with Hetrophobia, drugging and programming and then exhibiting erratic behaviour. I believe the evidence will prove without a doubt that Hetrophobia, drugging and programming causes erratic behaviour and as the leading experts on violence in the UK state:

Male sexual abuse is a provocation to violence.

Hetrophobia is a provocation to violence.

If we want to achieve a more peaceful and holistic community we must eradicate Hetrophobia and the Hetrophobic ideology.

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