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Star Log 461 Fasting Update and the 11th Day

I found this quite strange. I was trying to work out the amount of time it would take to read the Qur'an and picked up a copy to see what number the last page was to identify the amount of pages I would need to read each day for ten days.

Whilst I was doing this I read the last Surah in the Qur'an and it made reference to seeking refuge, which I found quite a spiritual discovery as this is very similar to the terminology used in Buddhism. I actually planned on shaving my head for the last ten days of the rite in order to check on my Jeiba and see if it healed ok and if I needed to go over it (the Jeiba being a Buddhist rite of ordination) so it was very coincidental to say the least.

In Islam you take the Shahada, in Christianity, you get baptised and in Buddhism you seek refuge.

And so begins my final 10 days of fasting and isolation from phones, tv, the outside world and the internet. See you on the other side!

Much Love!


This is where I keep my Qur'an and Dharma teachings, according to the customs of both Buddhism and Islam the Dharma teachings (teachings of the Buddha) and the Qur'an must hold the highest positions of any reading material in a home.

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