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Strength and Conditioning 1 (Warmup)

Here is a more advanced workout of The Way made up of exercises and asanas (yoga poses) discussed in Star Log 188 Parts 1, 2 and 3. I didn't actually illustrate the Savasana but not to worry it is a straight forward pose although apparently some people struggle stay still through it.

This is a warmup version as we are easing our way into more advanced training. As we progress we will add more reps as our strength and conditioning improves.

Things to remember:

Drink the Drink of the Unseen 2 hours before workout. 1 hour before the workout, drink 1 litre of water.

Clear some time to meditate, focus on the training you are about to do and to what end you want to dedicate your exertion to. Remember you can use your training as a prayer or as spiritual payment for the good things you want to call into your life. After the training drink another Drink of the Unseen immediately.

Immediately after the training, you will be in an altered state of consciousness from your normal day to day state of being. This is a perfect time for meditation, asking for guidance, clearing negative thoughts and energy, giving thanks or spending time in whatever spiritual practice you have.

Form is crucial - if fatigue or the weight of the kettlebells are causing you to lose form, either reduce the weight or catch your breath, poor form can cause injury.

Remember, everyone is working at a pace that works for them, if you need to rest, rest, as we progress you will find you will be able to get through the entire workout without stopping but these things take time. What we do want, is that we beat our times when we do the same workouts moving forward, so don't forget to time yourself!

To add an extra dimension to your practice, apply Nanman Muay Oil to your body. A word of warning! Apply a little at a time and wait a few minutes as the oil causes a significant burning sensation and will not be for everybody. I have found the application of the oil can enhance spiritual practices whilst also prepping the body for the exertion and asanas of the workout.

Good luck and Much Love!


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