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The 6am 10pm and Everyday Challenge

I wanted to clarify the reasons and purposes for the 6am 10pm and Everyday Challenge.

These challenges exist due to my learning about the situation over the recent few years and the continuous onslaught of threats of violence over the last four years. I have been threatened with the following:

  • Being stabbed, shot

  • having acid thrown on me

  • having my place burnt

  • being kidnapped

  • being tortured

  • being attacked by groups of men

During this time I have found the need to defend:

  • Myself by means suitable to the threats

  • My children and family

  • Those who support Star Family News

  • The community from the atrocities that I have discovered.

As such the 6am 10pm and Everyday Challenge - Challenges those involved in:

  • The rape torture and trafficking of the people especially children

  • Slavery and those identified as slave masters

  • Heterophobic "narrators"

  • Domestic Violence and violence against women especially in Newham

  • Sex offending

  • Attempting to separate me from my children

  • Heterophobia - homosexual and bisexual men involved in the drugging, programming, poisoning, sexual abuse and rape of straight men like myself

  • Targeting my children

  • Working against Star Family News

  • Attempting to direct my life into a queer one

  • Applying gay narratives to my life

  • Stealing things from my apartment

  • Stealing things from me

  • Attacking women who are interested in me

  • Placing chemicals in the women/girls hair

  • Placing bedbugs in my place

  • Any action to impede or stop me training

To get it Kracking at 6am and 10pm when I am in and the Everyday Challenge at any time anywhere.

Many of these threats have manifested outside my apartment by men and groups of men throughout the 4 years I have lived here, I believe many of these were connected to a racist campaign of hate and sexual harassment against me by racist sex offenders and traffickers, whilst some were due to my work in exposing police informants, corruption in the police force and those involved in trafficking.

Due to these facts the protocol for the challenge is for those challenged to knock on my kitchen window at the allocated times and express their desire to get it Kracking. This is because I would have men outside issuing all manner of threats, attempting to instigate violence at all hours of the day. In terms of defending myself, I instigated the protocol for these reasons and to also counter one of the attempted set ups which was to subject me to a sustained campaign of harassment and agitate me until I become so frustrated that I "lose it" and get involved in an act of violence.

During which instance they could create a false narrative to paint me as the instigator and aggressor and have me arrested, when the truth is I am defending myself from a serious and sustained campaign of serious threats and several attempted acts of serious violence against myself.

I have also been advised that there is a "contract" out on me to cause me significant harm/kill me.

And thus, if I could call those described, out of the shadows and into the light so to speak and get them to identify themselves and their intention to do me violence, I would provide myself with the protection of narrative that people arrived at my place of residence to do me violence and in which I defended myself, my family, my community and those who support Star Family News from.

I would also like to add that I have genuinely received a number of death threats directly from the Metropolitan Police themselves and they have plainly refused to file crime reports on my behalf on a number of occasions which I can evidence.

An example of a person using the index finger down death sign who then attempts to shoot an officer.

For the full video please see:

In the video, one of the society responses to the death sign given by Officer Ali is the hand gesture made by the officer in the video (illustrated below) - I have seen variations of this sign and am unsure of the differences in meaning if any.

I personally cycle through a number of hand gestures I have learned during the recent years (although I am certain I have not learned their full meanings) in order to defend myself, my family, the Star Family News community and the people.

I use the Mantis Fist gesture which I have not seen in used exactly in this manner (as there is usually more distance between the thumb and index finger fingertips) in the society (aside from Kung Fu movies) as I could define it as a gesture that fights against the evils in our society to deal with these issues:

I also use the Tawhid:

I hope you understand the reasons for my actions.

Much Love


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