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The Something's Not Right Series

I wanted to get these Star Logs together as a series to highlight the dangers and traps of the system. To guide others and as a warning system that when you feel the "something's not right" sensation in the criminal justice sector, it is an indication you are on the "Something's not right pathway" which can lead to death.

Spoiler Alert - If you haven't seen Serpico, Departed, Kung Fu Panda Series, Paid in Full, Black Panther, Man on Fire, please watch before as plots and endings are discussed in this series.

Star Log 287 - Wings of Justice - The Dangers and Moving Things Forward

Star Log 288 - Where is the Evidence?

Star Log 289 - Covert Human Intelligence Source Act 1st March 2021 and its Significance

Star Log 53 Why we need to stop asking the system for help in reducing knife and gun violence

Star Log 27 Youth Conference

Star Family News - Newsletters and Reports 2017 - 2021

Scene from Serpico where Serpico is complaining to a captain about the lack of investigation from the Commissioner's Office for 1 and a half years whilst he has been working undercover to find evidence of police corruption.

Serpico after being shot in the face on the "Something's not right" pathway. Serpico was sent on increasingly dangerous missions by the police whilst conducting an investigation into police corruption. At the time of the shooting he was with multiple officers who stood by and did nothing whilst he was in a struggle with a gun man at a door. The police on scene did not call for back up or medical assistance, a neighbour at the apartments called for an ambulance.

The Departed - Costigan is complaining to his superiors about being undercover in Organised Crime whilst working to discover a police mole in Costello's Organisation

Costigan after being executed by a corrupt police officer

A possible ending for the "Something's not right" pathway.

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