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How to support SFN
Buy a copy of the first Issue of SFN on Amazon!
Buy a copy of SFN Issue 1 on Amazon

Buy advertising space in Issue 2!

20,000 copies of SFN Issue 1 and the SFN Pilot Issue were produced. SFN is working to distribute in areas, estates and blocks across London. Get your business noticed and support a movement for the people!

SFN and its articles are widely distributed throughout London and the world via WhatsApp and other social media networks.


In our first month we have had hits on the website from the UK, US, Canada, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and not to mention all the other countries the articles and newsletters were sent to via social media.


In fact the website has had hits from 5 of the 7 continents of the world with only Australia and Antartica remaining in our first month!

Quarter Page Ad -         £250

Half Page Ad -               £500

Full Page Ad -                £750

We hope to produce 40,000 copies of Issue 2!

Please contact for more information:

Support SFN
Become a SFN Distributor

Earn money selling the SFN Newsletters!

Option 1


1. We will provide you with 50 copies of SFN Newsletters with a street value of £100. Once you have sold the 50 copies, return £50 to us to support further production of newsletters for you to sell and you keep £50 for your time!

2. On returning with the £50 we will provide you with another 50 copies of SFN newsletters absolutely FREE!

3. Thats right, the money from the 50 free copies we provide is 100% yours to keep!

Thats £100!

4. Add that to the first £50 you made and thats £150 for selling 100 copies of the SFN Newsletters!

5. Why stop there? Re-up and start again for another £150!

Option 2


1. Purchase 100 SFN Newsletters with a street value of £200 for £50!

2. Sell the 100 copies and make £150 profit.

For more information please contact:

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