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A Star Family News Intervention to help people in the community achieve their dreams. This is a new intervention which we would like to start even though I personally do not have an oversight or direct involvement in all interventions yet. As time goes on I would like to add more people and their Dreams to this space. We wanted to provide this opportunity to the youth of London who have faced and overcome some of the toughest challenges life has to offer. I have to add that I am actually not in direct contact with any of the ladies mentioned in the Dream section and they might like to do something different - this is only a suggestion based on things I think they would be in to but that's why it's the Dream section and I will support them whatever their Dream may be.  Much Love - Jason

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Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 01.42.37.png

Inkra DeBelle

Artist - Head of Music Programme

Inkra's passion is music, having been involved in singing since a child, recording several singles and spending thousands of hours in the studio.

The SFN Music Programme is interested in hearing your story through music.

Chantelle Featherstone

Head of Music Programme 

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Presenter - Youth Engagement

Isobella has been involved in community work for a number of years, engaging the community with programmes in Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Violence Interruption and many others. Isobella currently creates content for Star Family News including fearless investigative journalism and would love to help you get involved.

Isobella Featherstone

Lead Presenter

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Entrepreneur - Business Programme

Justina has been involved in entrepreneurhip for a number of years, running the famous Niche Nails brand. Justina is currently working towards running a chain of health and beauty stores and can tell you what it takes to run a successful business.

Justina Featherstone

Head of Business Programme

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